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Dentist near me Missouri City TX

Dentist near me Missouri City TX

 Dentist near me Missouri City TX represents a good chance for me on the way to a perfect denture. This phrase has been told by many patients who had dental problems. And indeed, they were right.

Some things about teeth and why you should visit the dentist near me Missouri City TX

If you’ve ever wondered how many teeth a person has and other special things about human teeth, then you come to the right place. How many teeth have a man? An adult has 32 teeth, which can be divided into four types: 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars and 12 molars. Teeth do not develop at the same time but in several stages. There are two types of dentition: milk teeth and adult teeth.

How many teeth a man has incisors. The two teeth from the front and the teeth from side to side are called incisor. There exist in number up and down, i.e. the maxilla and mandible. These incisors teeth are useful to cut and grind the food. Think about an apple that you ate before: you utilized your incisors to penetrate the apple’s peel.

Besides, the incisors are the canines, four in number, two of them positioned above and two below. Because they are sharp, they are used in eating.

Let’s speak about premolars. Premolars are near the canines. A total of eight premolars, four up and four down. If you want to notice these teeth you should open your mouth wide enough and you will see that their shape is different from canines or incisors. Premolars are stronger, bigger and own some ridges, which make them good for grinding and crushing food.

Now let’s hear something about molars. If you open the mouth wide you will notice your molars. You have in total 8 molars, the top four and bottom four. Molars are the strongest teeth. They are stronger and wider than premolars, with more increases. They work with a tongue that helps in swallowing food. How does it happen? Tongue sweeps food to the back area of the mouth where food becomes like a puree which is ready for eating.

Now something about teeth of wisdom. Last teeth which appear to a person are teeth of wisdom. Teeth of wisdom are the third molars present in the back area of the mouth, one in each corner of the mouth. Teeth of wisdom have no functionality, most often removed because pain and headaches. Some people think that teeth of wisdom had a role to chew food better, a few million years. It is considered that bears this name because they appear later in adulthood.

Milk teeth are 20, not 32. If you’ve ever wondered how many teeth a man has and in what order they appear, you should know that milk teeth appear in the next order:

  • 6 months – first incisors;
  • 9 months – the next incisors;
  • 12 months – first premolars;
  • 18 months – canines;
  • 24 months – last premolars.

If you’ve ever wondered how many teeth a person has and when the teeth change starts you should know that milk teeth last approximately 6 or 7 years, when their change starts:

  • At 7-year-old first incisors change;
  • At 8-year-old other incisors appear;
  • At 9-year-old first premolars appear;
  • At 11-year-old canines appear;
  • At 12-year-old last premolars appear.

First molars appear at six years old, next molars appear at 11 years old and the last molars appear at 20 years old.

If you’ve ever wondered how many teeth a person has and how is formed a tooth, you should know the following composition:

  • dentine, formed from a proteinaceous substance impregnated with calcium salts;
  • enamel more mineralized than dentin protects the tooth crown;
  • cementum, which covers the tooth root;
  • Dental pulp, which contains blood vessels, nerve fibers, and connective elements.

So knowing these things, you should go to the dentist near me Missouri City TX.

Some facts about teeth

  • There are babies who are born with teeth
  • Many of us can get quite late in life to a dentist, but some babies visit the dentist after a few days from birth, that’s because, according to statistics, one in 2000 babies is born with teeth. These teeth usually grow on the jaw and have poor root, thus often removed to prevent potential problems associated with breastfeeding or swallowing them.
  • Not all children lose their milk teeth
  • In general, up to the age of 3 years, a child has a series of 20 milk teeth, which begins to fall from the age of 5-6 years, until the early teens. If there is no replacement, milk teeth remain in his place for a longer period of time.
  • Teeth can help in vision recuperation.
  • At first glance, you might think that there is no link between teeth and eyes, but our anatomy is complicated and hard.
  • Not all world cultures appreciate straight teeth.
  • It seems that some Japanese have a completely different opinion about the ideal of beauty. Women resort to surgery to “warp” the teeth to look younger and more attractive.
  • Tumors have teeth.
  • According to medical reports, there are localized tumors, cysts in the ovaries and testicles containing teeth marks. Fortunately, due to their nature, most often its can be removed without causing complications.
  • Raisins can be more harmful to teeth than sweets.
  • Sugar from the foods we eat nourishes bacteria present in the mouth, favoring acidity and erosion of tooth enamel. Over time, the caries is formed and can lead to tooth loss. The best solution would be to avoid foods that remain stuck in your teeth (bread, crisps, raisins, etc.) in favor of chocolate, which dissolves more easily. Dense snacks can also make bad teeth. Do not forget to brush your teeth after every snack.
  • A future without teeth of wisdom.
  • Scientists say it is possible that future generation to not have teeth of wisdom because today around 35% of people are born without them. The future, however, remains uncertain.

Therefore, I will repeat what some satisfied patients said:

Dentist near me  Missouri city TX helps me to get my teeth done properly and fast whenever I need them.”

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Dentist near me  Missouri City TX,  What the Dr Believe!


“I believe in spending more time with each of my patients to get to know their unique needs and offering them the best solutions out there.” – Dr. Stephen








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