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Female Dentist Missouri City TX

Female Dentist Missouri City TX

Female dentist Missouri City TX are very common these days and people prefer to go to them for several reasons. But why actually are female dentists in high demand? The simple reason might be because female are more understanding and caring when compared to men. They try to make a certain bonding with the patients and are most demanded to treat children. Even after the advent of well advanced and painless techniques of dentistry, there are several cases of dental phobia. This will cause a simple dental issue to become worse without proper attention.

Why Do You Need a Female Dentist in Missouri City TX?

There might be several reasons why you are looking for a female dentist.

  • You have a child who is scared to go to a dentist and you feel that a female dentist can work it out easily with the child.
  • You have elder people at home who might who need a little bit of a caring touch from a female dentist.
  • Female dentists have shown more inclination towards oral care and prevention of dental problems.
  • Female dentists in Missouri City TX have are more calm and they tend to listen to your requirements and concerns.

What is Dental Fear?

According to surveys, it has been reported that over 75% of the US citizens are scared of dental procedures and dread the visits to dentists. Of this about 10% suffer from dental phobia and never visit a dentist even in case of urgent dental care requirement. The rest do not go for check ups until an emergency need arises.

Causes of Dental Fear

People have certain different reasons for keeping away from dental clinics.

  • Experience: One of the main reasons of person developing dental fear is due to previous experiences. Dental procedures are painful like any other medical procedures, but a good doctor can play a major role in making the patient feel comfortable. A dentist who is impatient and rude can make a normal person dental phobic whereas finding a caring female dentist in Missouri City TX can make even the worst dental experiences fearless.
  • From others experiences: Most people develop a fear to dental procedures after learning about traumatic experiences of others.
  • Fear from childhood: Right from childhood we come across several cartoon displays and other representations of the trauma of being in a dental chair and this can develop into an intense fear within years.
  • Fear of doctors in general: Some people fear doctors and their instruments in general due to personal experiences or other stimulus.
  • Excessive self consciousness: Some people feel uneasy to have a stranger examine inside their teeth. They are over conscious about how their teeth look and worry about what the dentist may comment.
  • Fear that the anesthesia delivered through injection or topically may not work.

Difference Between Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety is used to refer to the unnecessary anxiousness over a dental appointment. The patient will get restless and have nightmares about the dental day. This will lead to stress and tension in the patient and they act uneasy while in the dental clinic. A good female dentist in Missouri City TX who is trained to counter such a situation can easily take off the fear and make the patient feel comfortable.

Dental phobia is the situation where the person does not even take appointment with the dentist. They dread the word dentist and are terrified of it. They will stay away from assisted oral care almost throughout their life. Any kind of toothache will be dealt with over the counter medications or home remedies. They have a high risk of facing dental issues like infected gums and teeth.

After Effects of Dental Phobia

  • High risk of dental problems like gum infection and tooth decay.
  • Discoloration of the teeth and gums can cause personal and mental issues. It can make one lose his self confidence.
  • Untreated dental issues can lead to major health problems like heart and lung disorders. This can even reduce the lifespan.
  • A patient suffering from dental phobia will make it even more worse when one has to resort to dental treatment in emergency situation.
  • They will feel more pain on a dental treatment than compared to others due to the excessive stress situation.

Symptoms of Dental Phobia

  • Anxiety over visiting a dentist even when the toothache is unbearable.
  • Inability to sleep thinking about the dental appointment.
  • Tendency to cry over thinking about meeting the dentist.
  • Stress and nervousness while waiting for your turn in the clinic.
  • Cramps in the stomach and inability to breathe during dental procedures.

Coping with Dental phobia by Female Dentist in Missouri City TX

It is very necessary to overcome a dental fear and succumb to dental treatment to ensure a good oral health. A bad oral condition can lead to other diseases. The best way to combat this situation is talk with your dentist. If you have had previous experiences, then you can go for a dental counselling. Most female dentists in Missouri City TX offer dental counselling sessions to such patients.

You can talk with the dentist and express your concerns. He /she will adopt the best techniques to ensure that your fears are not alleviated. If you feel that your current dentist is not concerned about your phobic situation, you can look for another good dentist. Book an appointment with your dentist and take a casual check up. During the checkup you can voice your concerns and stress situations.

The dental phobia is much higher when you have a major treatment like a root canal coming up. Discussing and knowing about the procedures can help in eliminating the fear associated with it. You can also prepare yourself to face each stage. The fear of lack of control is one the reasons for dental phobia. You can let your doctor know of any pain by a certain signal during the procedure so that the doctor can stop it immediately and look for ways to control the pain. Female dentist Missouri City TX can be of great help in coping with dental fear situation.


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