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Find a cosmetic dentist

Find a cosmetic dentist to take care of your appearance

Find a cosmetic dentist. This would be the best advice for anyone who wishes to improve his or her facial features, especially in the areas concerning the teeth and the gums. The question now on everyone’s mind would be how to do so. You may also have doubts as to how to verify the credentials of the cosmetic dentist. On going through this article, you will be able to get a clear picture. However, prior to that, you should know why to approach a cosmetic dentist.

Why find a cosmetic dentist

Not everyone is born equal. Many people have malformed or poorly formed teeth. Many people may have had facial accidents and lost their teeth. This could result in a disfigurement of the face. Plastic surgery can take care of other injuries to the face and body. However, the teeth are outside the domain of plastic surgery. You have to go in search of a cosmetic dentist.

Who is a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry. This process involves performing a variety of procedures to improve your smile. You may have many issues with your teeth affecting your smile. There could be discoloration of teeth. You could have misshapen teeth. Some of the teeth can be missing or broken. These teeth require you to take corrective measures. The dentist capable of carrying out these procedures is a cosmetic dentist.

What does a cosmetic dentist do?

We have listed the problems that require the intervention of a cosmetic dentist. The cosmetic dentist has a tough job on hand. The nature of his duties includes the following.

  • Bleaching: People like to have sparkling white teeth. Excessive drinking of caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and colas can cause quick discoloration of teeth. Incorrect dental hygiene can cause a buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth and gums. This can cause your smile to become unattractive. The best remedy is bleaching. Bleaching is a chemical procedure where the cosmetic dentist uses a teeth whitening bleaching solution to whiten the teeth.
  • Laser whitening: This is an advanced kind of bleaching. Here the cosmetic dentist covers the gum with pieces of rubber. He then applies a special bleaching chemical over the teeth. Using an argon laser, he directs the light over the chemical thereby whitening the teeth without affecting the gums. This is a much more effective method as compared to bleaching.
  • Bonding: Many people have gaps between the teeth. These gaps could be congenital or due to an accident. The cosmetic dentist does the filling of the gaps using an enamel-like material. This procedure may involve at chipping at some teeth to align them perfectly with the others.
  • Crowns: These are tooth caps. The cosmetic dentist uses these crown caps to cover a broken tooth. In the case of a fully broken tooth, the dentist will insist on a complete implant whereas partial damage requires crown treatment. This is a time-consuming exercise. However, this is the most durable of all cosmetic procedures.
  • Veneers: These are thin pieces of plastic or porcelain placed over the teeth for changing the shape and color of the teeth. This is very popular among the younger generation. You do not need any anesthesia to carry out this procedure. This is an alternate treatment to the crowns. However, this method is a bit expensive in comparison. The veneers have a longer life.
  • Contouring and reshaping: Many people go for contouring and reshaping of their teeth. Usually, people with overlapping of teeth go for this procedure. The cosmetic dentist usually combines bonding as well as contouring together.

Where do you find a cosmetic dentist?

There is a difference between an ordinary dentist and a cosmetic dentist. The ordinary dentist takes care of the treatment of the functioning of the oral cavity including the teeth and gums. The cosmetic dentist takes care of the appearance part by performing procedures to enhance the appearance.

What should you look for in a cosmetic dentist?

You should take the following precautionary steps before you find a cosmetic dentist of your liking.

  • Go for referrals: Your existing medical practitioner might be the best person to suggest a cosmetic dentist for you. You may also have friends having undergone similar procedures. They can recommend one to you.
  • Verify the credentials: You can do so by going through the website of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). They have a detailed list of cosmetic dentists with them. They can help you find a cosmetic dentist.
  • The role of the AACD: The AACD conducts regular training of the cosmetic dentist and ensures that he adopts the latest techniques for treatment.
  • Verify the proof of work: Usually, the cosmetic dentist will be having photos of their patients. They may be having various success stories. You should look at the photos of the patients before and after the procedure. You should also check for the genuineness of the photos. There are many cases of photography manipulation in recent times. You should try to obtain the address of their patients and visit them personally to verify the claims.
  • Have a decent chat with the cosmetic dentist: Meeting the dentist prior to the commencement of your treatment is very important. You will be able to have a decent chat about the procedure he might employ for your treatment.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions: You should be asking him pointing questions. In case the dentist is able to clarify your doubts without showing any sign of irritation, he is the correct person for you.
  • Have faith in your dentist: Once you have made the decision of finding the correct dentist, you should be having full faith in him.



Availing the services of the cosmetic dentist is essential for improving the appearance of your face. However, everything depends on the measures taken by you to find a cosmetic dentist perfectly.


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