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Invisalign Missouri City TX

Invisalign Missouri City TX

Invisalign Missouri City TX is becoming very popular for the several success stories. The technique makes use of custom made aligners for the patient.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a new step to teeth alignment to attain perfectly aligned teeth comfortably and smoothly. When compared to the braces, there are no metal pieces attached to the teeth or scheduled bending of the wires by the dentist. The dentist will follow a proper plan to help in moving the teeth into its perfect position. You will have to replace the Invisalign pieces every 2 weeks and by the time the treatment is complete the teeth will be aligned. You can get a great smile without the braces interfering in your lifestyle

How to proceed with Invisalign in Missouri City TX

Before you want to make your decision regarding meeting an Invisalign provider, you can get yourself acquainted with the treatment procedure.

  • Meet the Invisalign Provider in town: There are several Invisalign providers in Missouri City TX. You can select one near to your location or even check with your dentist. If your usual dentist does not provide Invisalign treatment, then you can make your choice based on reviews and a small bit of research. You can check the dentists providing Invisalign in Missouri City TX from the company website. You can even consider meeting more than one provider before deciding. Once you take the treatment you cannot stop till the procedure is over or change the dentist. So make sure to decide on a dentist you are comfortable with.
  • First Consultation: On the first consultation, the provider will check if your specific condition can be treated with Invisalign. There is a wide range of conditions that can be cured but yet a proper evaluation will be done by the dentist. You can even discuss the cost factor, the time required and any other concerns that you may have.
  • Evaluation of the Treatment Plan: After the first consultation and following confirmation by the patient, the dentist will follow the further procedures to create a 3D image of the patient’s teeth. X-ray and impressions of the teeth are taken for this purpose. This will give the doctor an exact idea of the treatment time and also the movements required to align the teeth into place. With the help of the 3D image, the Invisalign provider will show you a graphical representation of the teeth and the various alignments required to set the teeth into place. The time required for the treatment varies in different people depending upon the level of correction required.
  • First Set of Aligners: Based on the impressions of the patient’s teeth, the first set of aligners is created. These have been manufactured after several clinical researches to ensure that they are smooth, soft and is made of plastic so that it does not cause any reactions in the patient. They are invisible and therefore are not easily noticed.
  • Using Your Invisalign: The aligners can be worn through the day and removed only while eating or brushing. The aligner is changed every two weeks and the doctor will make necessary changes during replacements based on checkups done every 6 weeks. These should be optimally worn for 20-22 hours daily.
  • End of treatment: By the end of the treatment, you will be all set to flash your perfect teeth.
  • Retainers: Some people will need a retainer for a few months and the time of retainer usage will differ according to the person. The company manufactures Vivera retainers which are manufactured using the same technology as Invisalign.

Dental Issues that Can be Cured with Invisalign Missouri City TX

After several clinical studies, the curing capacity of Invisalign treatment has been evaluated. With the current addition of Precision Cuts into Invisalign, it has been made possible to use elastics to cure even severe bite issues. The different conditions that can be treated by Invisalign are

  • Gaps in teeth: This is very common issue and is caused by the abnormal growth of the jawbone. Extra space gaps created by missing teeth can also cause shifts in the teeth leading to gaps. This can lead to periodontal diseases if left untreated.
  • Overlap: It is also known as overjet or overbite. This is the condition where the upper jaw set falls over the lower set of teeth on biting. Improper brushing, bone development issues and even genetic reasons can cause overbite. This can lead to jaw problems, gum diseases and even disruption of the lower teeth.
  • Undergrowth of Upper Jaw: This condition is known as underbite where the upper set of teeth come behind the lower set on biting. The gap issue created by missing upper teeth is the common cause for underbite. It caused conditions same as Overbite.
  • Gap in Bite: Open bite is a situation when on biting, an open gap is left between the two jaw sets. This is most commonly noticed in children with excessive thumb sucking. Genetic reasons may able cause this condition. This cannot be neglected as it can cause problems in chewing and eventually lead to thermo mandibular joint disorder.
  • Excessive teeth fitting: Overcrowded teeth are found where there not enough space to accommodate the teeth and they disalign. This will lead to crooked teeth which because so due to lack of space. Plaque deposition increases in such people and leads to gum diseases.
  • Misalignment: When both upper and lower teeth sets are misaligned it leads to cross bite. As most other issues, it can lead to gum diseases due to overlap.

To gain confidence over using Invisalign, one can check the several success stories listed on the company website. You can also get a list of verified dentists providing Invisalign service in your area. There are several restrictions associated with using braces and these can be clearly avoided with Invisalign. They are gaining increased acceptance in all of US and you can visit your nearby Invisalign Missouri City TX provider to get more information.





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