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We Take Care and Control Infection


We are concerned about your health as well as our staff’s health. We go above and beyond the Central For Disease Control board’s guidelines to ensure that your health and ours are protected from any infection.

We do care about our patient’s and our staff’s health because we are family.Call us : 281-206-4444

At Designer Smiles Dentistry, we must clean and disinfect all counter-tops and equipment between patients with a recommended hospital-grade bactericidal product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Non visible blood and saliva does not mean it is not present on environmental surfaces. Blood is mixed with saliva throughout dental treatment.

All of our staff have vaccinated and tested negative for HBV.

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In case you are wondering how to prevent infection, here are a few of the steps that we take. When barriers are not being used, surfaces are cleaned first, then disinfected between patients using an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant with an HIV, HBV claim (low-level disinfectant) or a tuberculocidal claim (intermediate-level disinfectant). An intermediate-level disinfectant is always be used when a surface is visibly contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious material (OPIM).

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