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Best Practices to Follow While Brushing

Proper way to Brush Teeth:

There are several good brushing practices that can be followed to maintain better hygiene. Although many of them come intuitively it is a good idea to take the advice of a good dentist regarding good brushing techniques. The proper way to brush the teeth can be different for each person. The teeth and gum conditions of every person are not the same hence the style that suits them the best also varies. Off the many good techniques, one is the circular or elliptical motion of brushing that can be used to brush several teeth at a time and in the process covering all the set of teeth. However in general there are some basic techniques to follow while brushing your teeth as mentioned here:

  • The brush should be placed at a 45 degree angle to the teeth.
  • The movement of the tooth brush should be in an elliptical motion.
  • Every area of your mouth needs to be covered while brushing, like the outside of the teeth, the inside of the teeth, even the tongue and the chewing surface, not to mention between the teeth.
  • The back and forth motion is usually not good for the gums, since it exposes the root surface and wears down the gums.

The Type of Bristles to Use:

The ideal toothbrush head is always small so that it can access all areas. In general the best size if small like 1 inch by half inch. Always make sure the brush has a long handle so that it can be grasped easily. The bristles should be soft, nylon bristles with round ends. Care should be taken that the bristles are not abrasive since that care ware down the teeth surface. In general medium and hard bristles are not recommended.

Duration of each Brushing Session:

The ideal time for each brushing session is 3 to 4 minutes. The simplest method to make sure you brush that long is to use a timer. However since most of us do not use a watch or a timer there are several other alternatives. For example you could brush while playing your favourite song that encourages you not to stop short of at least 3 to 4 minutes.

Designer Smiles Dentistry:

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