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Taking Care of Your Teeth

Taking of your teeth can go a long way in the overall well being of a person. Hence here are few teeth care tips:

      • It is vital to brush twice a day and the best time to do so is after meals. Ideally a brush with a small head may be more advisable since it can easily access the back teeth as well. Using a soft bristles one will be kinder on your gums. 

      • The choice of toothpaste can also make a difference. Choosing a fluoridated toothpaste helps harden the tooth enamel and also reduce the risk of decay.

      • The brushing of the teeth should be thorough and complete. It usually takes up to two to three minutes to do so.

      • The method of flossing the teeth helps prevention of several issues and problems arising in the future.

      • There are several acidic drinks like soft drinks and fruits juices that can adversely affect the teeth. They can soften the tooth material and cause complete decay.

      • The same applies for sugary food since that too speeds up the decay of the teeth.

      • It is always a good idea to protect your teeth. For example while playing sports you should use some protective gear if necessary.

      • It is important to save your natural teeth, since no matter how many surgeries you go through, nothing comes close to the real thing – your natural teeth.

      •  Make regular visits to the dentist for advice on the best way to take care of your teeth.

How Designer Smiles Dentistry helps you:

At Designer Smiles Dentistry, Dentist in Missouri City TX, is where all the dental procedures take place. Dr. Stephen knows that is it difficult to find a dentist who really cares and that you can trust. Her philosophy is to treat each and every patient like family. She truly believes that each patient deserves to receive the most reliable and gentle care, using the latest technologies.

Designer Smiles Dentistry. We are located at 5011, Hwy 6, Missouri city, tx 77459. We always makes sure you receive personalized care are treatment. They are a dedicated team of dentists and there is more to them just fixing or caring for your teeth. Here it is free to find the source of that excruciating pain or a quick examination.

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