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Our dental care is designed on a private basis; in the sense that the patients have a range of treatments they can avail for a fee that they are always informed about prior to the treatment. The practice fee guides are provided on request while the estimates for the recommended treatments are always provided in writing.

The payment methods that are available are:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

At time in some cases we also request the payment in advance.

In case of the issue with payment where the patient is unable to pay the fees due as per our request, the case is routinely is referred to a Debt Collector Agency or a a Small Claims Court. We do reserve the right to recover the additional cost incurred in recovering the fees due.

Cancellations and Failed Appointments:

It is possible to cancel any appointment that has been previously scheduled; however a minimum of 24 hours of notice is required. The reason we require a 24 hour notice is that when an appointment is scheduled the surgery time of the patent is set up.

On the hand if the patient fails to give the appropriate notice for cancelation of an appointment an appropriate fee will be charged. This fee depends on the length of the appointment that has been scheduled and is meant to cover the cost of the surgery time that was wasted. The failed appointment fee need to be settled prior to setting up another appointment.

A cancellation of appointment is not accepted via email, text message or a message on the answering machine.

Continuity of Care:

We have adopted the policy where we recommend that you see the same dentist in the clinic on your subsequent visits. However it is entirely up to the patient to choose who they wish to visit on a continuing basis. At the same time when your dentist is unavailable another dentist will be happy to fill his shoes. In addition to which it is also possible for you to request a change of the dentist you are visiting.

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