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Unique Solution for Gum Disease:
Posted by : Dr.Silve Stephen

Are you severely suffering from gum disease risk factors? Don’t worry anymore! A veteran team of dentists at Designer Smiles Dentistry is committed to giving you natural smile on your faces. Whether you have periodontal disease due to tobacco use, older age, diabetes, poor nutrition, heredity or gingivitis, you won’t suffer now because relieving your pain is main and essential concern for Designer Smiles Dentistry. We are located at 5011, Hwy 6, Missouri city, tx 77459.

Transforming patients’ appearance with cosmetic dentistry involves risk. However, experienced and skilled dentists can easily perform this kind of tasks and give patients relief. At present, more number of people has teeth problems because of bad habits of eating foods. And if you are one of them and don’t feel comfortable due to clenching your teeth, don’t wait for a second. There are certified dentists who provide you unique and perfect solution of your teeth ache.

Clenching or grinding your teeth is not a normal issue. It can create major problems and you need to spend hundreds of bucks in order to get it treated. Therefore, when you feel grinding or clenching teeth, consult a good dentist so that you can easily get cured.

In the age of innovation & technology, curing has become tremendously easier and less time consuming if it is done at its initial stage. Hence, consult a dental care provider instead of taking medications directly from pharmacists or medical stores. At Designer Smiles Dentistry, patients get personalized and gentle care along with reasonable fees.


It’s time to be free from gum disease risk factors by receiving excellent dental services. So claim a great & appealing smile on your face through unique solution for any of your periodontal problems. Step in to Designer Smiles Dentistry and receive a treatment as you are a family member.

So, there isn’t any who can stop you smiling innocently. Smile and win the world!

How Designer Smiles Dentistry helps you:

At Designer Smiles Dentistry, Dentist in Missouri City TX, is where all the dental procedures take place. Dr. Stephen knows that is it difficult to find a dentist who really cares and that you can trust. Her philosophy is to treat each and every patient like family. She truly believes that each patient deserves to receive the most reliable and gentle care, using the latest technologies.

Designer Smiles dentistry is a place that can solve all your issues. They have a wonderful team of dentists and staff who maintain a good environment . You will never feel like you visiting a dentist here. Even the children are welcome as long as they are older than 5.

Designer Smiles Dentistry is all about building a good relationship with the patients and making a difference all the communities by perfecting the treatments. This is done by taking extra efforts to make process as painless as possible for the patients and help in removing the common fear of dentists in general. This is one place that is good for even the children.

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Dr.Silve Stephen

Dr.Silve Stephen

Dr. Silve Stephen, the founder and owner of Designer Smiles Dentistry, is a graduate of the New York University School of Dentistry. Building relationships with patients and co-workers, being a part of the community, refining and perfecting the “art” of dentistry, helping people relieve pain and transforming smiles are just a few reasons why she loves what she does. Her primary focus areas are Family Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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